Pillow Fight Day has been happening in Vancouver and around the world for several years now.

The feathers will be flying on Saturday, April 6 when a big pillow fight breaks out at outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Vancouver Pillow Fight event attracts several hundred people each year. This event sounds dangerous, but it seems very fun. It’s not only in Canada as its International Pillow Fight Day.

Hence, it will be held all over the world.

Time to refreshyourself!!! Let’s go and try a Pillow Fight there at 3pm and it will be on for about 30 mins.









Here are some tips to help you enjoy the International Pillow Fight Day in Vancouver.

Pillow Fight Rule

In order to keep everyone safe and happy, there are rules for the pillow fight. Here are the main ones

1.Please go there in location by exactly 3 pm.

2.Keep your pillows by yourself until starting time and Hit ONLY people with pillows. Don’t hurt anyone!

3.Screamwith a big voice, “PILLOW FIGHT!” at 3pm

4.Have fun pillow fighting for about 30 minutes and then promptly leave the area.




1. 必ず3時までに行くこと。

2. 自分の枕は3時のスタートタイムまでキープする。他の枕がを持ってない人にはヒットしないでください。

3. 3時になったら”PILLOW FIGHT”!!と叫んでスタートです。

4. 30分くらい続きますが終わったらすぐに辞めて終わりましょう。


Vancouver Pillow Fight Day

Date : April 6th Saturday 2019

Address : Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery – 750 Hornby Street

Hours : at 3pm (30mins)

URL : https://www.awarenessdays.com/