Introducing our English class/Japanese class


Are you interested in learning Japanese? (Or If you are Japanese, are you interested in learning English in JAPANESE?) I’ve met so many people who are interested in learning the Japanese language here, so I am introducing our Japanese class and English class.




①Japanese class/日本語クラス


Our Japanese native speakers teach Japanese one to one, and we provide exercises. Two of our current students are from Taiwan and Russia. Also, we let students communicate with other Japanese students and staffs in our office too. Therefore, they can develop their communication skills, as well as Japanese skills, and make Japanese friends.

②English Class/日本語で英語

We teach English in Japanese too. The majority of our students who are taking this class go to ESL school. They learn what they did not understand in class, useful sentences, basic grammar…etc.




If you are interested in or have questions about price and schedule, please feel free to contact us!

Also, if you have any requests, let us know.