We will travel to Kelowna with Enjoy Canada members!

Kelowna is far from downtown Vancouver yet it is called the Hawaii of Canada. Much like the resort city, it is crowded with many people in the summer. Enjoy Canada rents a bus every year and travels to the beautiful city. We look forward to the fun activities such as visiting wineries and cherry picking!


In the middle of the city of Kelowna, you can find Okanagan Lake. It is a huge lake extending 5 km east to west and 135 km north to south. There are beaches all along the perimeter and you can swim in the lake. The lake is also very beautiful. This year, we will have a BBQ at the beach on this lake!


Enjoy Canada has a lot of fun events!

If you are interested, please come and visit the office!












Enjoy Canadaメンバーでケロウナに旅行に行きます!


Enjoy Canadaでは毎年バスを貸し切り、ワイナリーやチェリーピッキングなど様々なアクティビティを楽しみに行きます!


ケロウナの街の真ん中にはオカナガン湖があります。東西に5km、南北に約135 kmも延びる巨大な湖です。至るところにビーチがあり、湖で泳ぐことができます。海ではないので当然波も立たず、水もとてもきれいで透き通っています。今年はこの湖のビーチでBBQをやります!


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