The world of business is always changing and this change calls out for more professionals with the skills required to face this ever-changing market.


KGIBC has thought of this new trend and with the help of experienced professionals and leaders on their fields,

KGIBC has created a new program that will attend and teach these skills. The, “Customer Service Professional” program was

announced at KGIBC´s open house and it looks like a very promising and rewarding option for international students.

Containing the essential materials to succeed in the modern business world,

CSP will bring a huge amount of value to your resume and prepare you for the highest employment standards.


KGIBC also had a live demonstration of their TESOL programs and, oh boy was it good!


Students and teachers both played out a real in-class situation to explain what the programs are all about, and all we can say is,

that it was amazing.

Teachers and professors were very responsive, communicative and helped their students in a caring way.

They also had the chance to show the variety of their TESOL programs and the uniqueness of their learning material, which is

fully customized for KGIBC.


KGIBC is known to be one of the best options for business programs and it is staying true to its innovative characteristic, which we are very proud of. Their programs seemed very interesting and they are definitely worth trying.