If you miss Japan, you should go here! Introduction of a convenience store







Although I missed Japanese food while staying in Vancouver, there are Canadian cultures such as chips if you go to a restaurant. Even if I go to Seven Eleven, I cannot find a box lunch or rice ball! A Japanese convenience store is the perfect choice for you!

KONBINIYA on Robson Street, famous for their giant Pocky sign, is 23 years old this year. The official name is, KONBINIYA JAPAN CENTER. Many of the guests are local Canadians, but Japanese people can easily get Japanese food and Japanese can communicate with the Japanese speaking staff.

Inside the store there are tens of thousands of items, ranging from popular Pocky for Canadians and Japanese pickles, Natto, and especially popular rice balls, lunch boxes and cup noodles for Japanese travelers. It is also a pleasant to find a lot of sale items which are considerably cheaper than the regular price every week.

If you are definitely missing Japanese food, try going!









ポッキーの大きな看板で有名なロブソン通りにあるコンビニ屋さんは今年で23年目です。正式名称はKONBINIYA JAPAN CENTREといいます。お客様の多くは地元カナディアンですが、日本人にとっては日本食が容易に手に入り日本語が通じ、まさしく安心出来る場所です。