Let me introduce what The Prime Minister of Canada is like.



Justin Trudeau

Born on December 25, 1971.


Canada employs the Prime Minister system and does not have a president, much like Japan.


Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre Trudeau who was the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada from Ottawa, Ontario.

After graduating from UBC (University of British Columbia), Mr. Justin Trudeau was a math and French teacher in Vancouver, and was a member of the Youth Corps volunteer group, did community service, dealt with winter safety issues and much more. He kept trying many activities because of his family.

After that, he was elected to political circles and became a politician and became the 29th Prime Minister of Canada on November 4, 2015!


Justin Trudeau keeps committing to protecting refugees and minority rights, and at the now-known Davos meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, also assembled and praised the movement of the eradication of sexual harassment taking place in the world.





カナダでは日本と同じくpresidentではなくPrime Minister制度を採用しています。


ジャスティン トルドーさんはオンタリオ州オタワ出身で第23代カナダ首相、ピエール・トルドーさんの息子です。ジャスティン・トルドーさんは大学卒業後、バンクーバーにて数学とフランス語の教師を務め、青年隊のボランティア団体や環境、地域コミュニティへの奉仕、冬季の安全問題など様々な声をあげていた人でした。