Let’s do a pub crawl in the Mount Pleasant area
Mount Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods, an eclectic collection of
residents, distinct businesses, and new and historic buildings
If you are a beer lover why don’t you do a pub crawl?
What is a pub crawl?
You will visit many pubs in one day! You visit one pub and then move onto the next to experience and taste the different drinks that they offer.
It is two and half years old and they’ve already brewed about 75 different beers
They serve 6 oz glasses of beer at $2.50 each
and 12 oz glasses of beer at $5.00 each
Flights of four 6 oz beers are $8.00
(prices do NOT include tax)
Reasonable prices and a nice bar. Limited entry and seating, can only have 60 people at a
time but the wait will not seem long.
They have tasting flights that are $2 / 6oz glass up to 4.
12.5oz glasses for $4.8,
12oz premium beers for $5 and 24oz jars that are $8.50.