Let’s watch ice hockey game with affordable price?

When thinking of ice hockey, Vancouver Canucks may come to mind!

If you want to go and see a Canuck’s game, tickets start from $100~

It’s a bit expensive if you ask me…

You could go to a bar as they usually play games on their TV screens. You will be surrounded by your fellow fans but you’ll soon realize that it’s not the same as being at the actual rink.

If you want to breathe in the crisp, cold, fresh ice air while enjoying hotdogs and beer (or a soda) while watching some competitive hockey, I would recommend going to a Vancouver Giants game!


Tickets are around $19~

These are the reasons why I would recommend the Giants over the Canucks.

1. More goals per game

2. They are very skilled and try that much harder as they fight for NHL draft consideration
3. Tickets are way cheaper!

I’ve been to both Canucks and Giants games.

I like watching both of them but I prefer watching a Vancouver giants game!

How do you buy tickets?


Where is the home arena?

Langley Events Centre, 7888-200 St., Langley, BC