Little trip from Vancouver!

Do you want to go for a little trip to rest yourself?


  1. Victoria





Many people visit Vancouver Island each year for its beautiful scenery, friendly people and laid back west coast attitude but not everyone has the time to see the whole island. Those visiting Vancouver and making a ferry trip across for a short stay in Victoria can still have fun, even on a tight time frame. The city is full of great places to eat, beautiful parks and lots of history so get ready for an action packed 48 hours.

The ferry ride takes approximately 90 minutes, and the trip from the cities to the ferry terminals can take anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes each, depending on the mode of transportation chosen.

バンクーバーからフェリーですぐに行ける島、ビクトリアアイランド! 美味しいレストラント・美しい公園・景色・フレンドリーな人達・沢山の歴史があります。フェリーだと90分でつき、フェリーターミナルからダウンタウンまで45から75分ほどかかります。

美しい景色だけでなく、Whale watchingなどといった沢山のアクティビティがあります


Not only the beautiful scenery, there is many exciting activities such as whale watching!


  1. Bowen Island


Most visitors come from Vancouver to Bowen Island by ferry.

It’s a 20-minute ferry ride (5.6km/3 nautical mi) from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in West Vancouver to Snug Cove at Bowen Island. Water taxi service from downtown Vancouver and West Vancouver is also available.

Bringing a car is an option for getting around Bowen Island, but isn’t necessary. There is public transportation available on the island. Bowen Island is a beautiful residential island in the middle of Howe Sound. An ideal kayaking destination, it also makes a great day trip from Vancouver for those looking for a quiet escape from the city.

バンクーバーからフェリーで20分でいけるBowen Island! Water taxiでも可能です。車を持っていくのもいいですが、持っていかなくても公共交通がちゃんとあるので問題ないです!にぎやかな街につかれてしまった時などに行くおすすめの静かな島です。


Outdoors there are nature hikes and walks, road and mountain biking, kayaking and paddleboarding, swimming and beachcombing, picnics, golf, even horseback riding and scuba diving. Bowen also hosts many outdoor concerts and events.