I‘ll introduce Lonsdale Quay Market, the place where locals love!


Speaking of the marketplace that has been loved by many people since its inception on the site of Vancouver Expo in 1986, “Lonsdale Quay Market”. Lonsdale Quay, also known as the entrance to North Vancouver, can be reached by sea bus from downtown’s waterfront station. Located at the end of Lonsdale Ave., there are buses to North and West as well as the sea bus, which are a key part of public transport in North Vancouver.

Lonsdale Key is not only easier to access, about 15 minutes from Vancouver, but also has a marketplace with many restaurants, grocery stores, shops, etc., and there are popular tourist spots for both tourists and local guests. In addition to opening a lot of events on the weekends etc, the view of Vancouver city, which can be overlooked from the market square, is so wonderful.


1986年に開催されたバンクーバー・エキスポの跡地に誕生して以来、多くの人々に愛され続けてきたマーケットプレイスといえば『Lonsdale Quay Market』。ノースバンクーバーの玄関とも言われるロンズデール・キー(Lonsdale Quay)は、ダウンタウンのウォーターフロント駅からシーバスで行く事ができます。ロンズデール通り(Lonsdale Ave.)の終点に位置し、シーバス発着だけでなくノース、ウエスト各方面へのバスも出ており、ノースバンクーバーにおける公共交通機関の要所となっています。








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