Are you looking for a sports gym?
Downtown Vancouver has many gyms and some of them have different fitness classes.
If you are looking for a gym that fits you and your needs, I would recommend asking for a one time free trial. Many places will be happy to allow you to use the gym and some will even offer you a guided tour. You will be able to check out their facilities and see what classes they offer.
Here is a list of sports gyms in downtown:
1. Steve Nash
Steve Nash is well known as a sports gym.
They have more than 10 locations in Vancouver.
$35~ per month (depending on location)
They offer clean, affordable, and beautifully designed facilities.
They have gym fitness classes and swim fitness classes every day.
If you are 19~35 in age you are eligible. It is $50/per month and fitness classes are included!
3. Urban Fitness
If you are looking for small class sized boot camp, Urban Fitness is the best one.
They have TRX classes, Zumba and Kick boxing classes.
If you want to try a class there, it is $30 for a 2 week intro unlimited pass.