Mini English Lesson

Hi there! Today I will introduce to you some slang words.




It means, “shaking my head”. Acronym for ‘shake my head’ or ‘shaking my head.’ Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Sometimes it’s modified to, ‘smfh’ or ‘smmfh’ by those that prefer profanity in their internet acronyms.

このSMHは、shaking my headを省略したもので、直訳すると「頭を振っている」という意味ですね。これは頭を横に降っているため息をついているイメージです。相手がとてもバカなことを言ったら、それについてSMHと返せます。ですので、日本語だと、「あり得ない」や「バカじゃないの?」というようなニュアンスになるでしょう。


You only live once

You only live once (expressing the view that one should make the most of the present moment without worrying about the future, and often used as a rationale for impulsive or reckless behavior)




I don’t know


“Omg, I lost my key, do you know where is it?” 「やば、鍵無くしちゃった。どこにあるかしってる?」

“Nah..I dunno” 「ううん、わからん」

I don’t knowの略語で、テキストでよくつかわれます。


FTW is an extremely popular acronym that has been used online for many years. The most popular FTW meaning being, “for the win”. “For the win”, which is most often stated as FTW, is a way of saying something is awesome or that you are very excited and enthusiastic about something. That something can be literally anything. For example, if one person begins talking about pizza, another person may chime in and say something like, “Pizza FTW!” , which means they like pizza and think it’s awesome. If someone likes a television show, Breaking Bad for example, they may post a Facebook status saying something like “Breaking Bad FTW!!!”.

For the Winの略。○○FTW=○○は最高だ。日本のネット用語で言うところの「これで勝つる」にも似ている。4twとも書きます。「Pizza FTW」だとピザ大好き!最高!という意味になります。