13180 Mitchell Road Richmond British Columbia V6V 1M8

Are you a summer person or a winter person?
Now, it’s winter in Vancouver and the winter in Vancouver is long… Many people complain about it, but not everyone can afford a second home in a warmer place…
To get rid of your winter blues (or if you want to try and remember what summer feels like again, or if it’s raining), why don’t you head to 6 Pack Indoor Beach? I can’t deny that Vancouver is so rainy and the winter is long but there are so many things to do in Vancouver so that you never get bored!

It costs only $15 to drop-in with a group or as an individual and play beach volleyball to your heart’s content. Drop in times range from 10am to 6pm and late night from 9:30pm to 1am. They have Archery Tag, Soccer Darts, and you could even try sand castle building! ahah
If you are too tired to leave, they also feature Sleepover Beach Parties. For just $45-$60 a guest, experience the fun of sleeping on a beach, without the threat of rain or snow.