Mother’s Day

感謝の気持ちを伝えよう。Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Even though our culture or customs are different from each country, we have a common thread in which we want to show our appreciation to our parents on a special day. Almost all people staying in Canada right now may be temporarily separated from their parents. So now is the time to tell show them your appreciation which you usually cannot share because of being bashful.



When I told my mother about going to Canada, she said, “Why do you have to go there now?”And was against it. I remember I needed to persuade her by texting because she was too emotional to talk with me directly. I could imagine her feeling a little bit because I had listened to many mothers worry for their children at my job. She must have various kinds of feelings like missing but wanting to encourage her daughter, worrying about the environment in a foreign country and anxiety for living alone.

What is interesting, however, is that she was very independent after I left Japan. “Hmm… I think once in a month is enough to talk on a video call. And we can text when something funny happens.”Even when I told her, ”I want to stay here as long as I can.” she said, “I know. I’m not surprised because I’ve already predicted that since you decided to go to Canada. By the way, do you have enough money to do that?”At that time, I knew she had let me go and started preparing to live alone for a long time.



How often do you contact your parents? By talking on the phone? Emailing? What do you talk about with them?

How about telling your mother your appreciation for her? How about calling your mother on Mother’s Day if you have not talked with her for a while? How about writing a letter or card on Mother’s Day? She will definitely be pleased! It will be nice to give your homestay mother a gift too, not only your real mother.




Japanese seem to not be so passionate to tell their love to their family members, compared with people in other countries. Of course it depends on the family. It may sound sad, but that means we Japanese make Mother’s Day more special and impressive instead of not saying “I love you” every day.

各家庭にもよりますが、やはり他の国に比べると日本人は家族に対しての愛情表現はそんなに情熱的ではないと思います。ただ毎日「I love you」と言わない代わりに、こうした日をとても特別な日にできるんだと思います。


If you felt like writing a letter to your mother, this article will help you ↓



【Sending a letter to Japan】


It will not arrive on Mother’s day, but your mother must be pleased to get a letter from you! I recommend you to use a card having big letters saying ‘Mother’s Day’. It is easier to recognize it is for Mother’s Day.

I hope your mom will not say “I got the early birthday card from you! Thank you!!” like my mom last year…^^;


私は去年遅れて出したら「早めのバースデーカードありがとう♪」と勘違いされたので、わかりやすくMOTHER’S DAYと書いてあるカードをおすすめします。