My funny episode in Vancouver


Living in a foreign country, such as studying abroad and even traveling, gives us a lot of surprises or funny experiences because of the cultural differences. I heard that Vancouver is not known as a multicultural or diverse city, especially for Japanese, even though it is. So we can learn various values, ideas, and knowledge through communication with people from various countries. Today I would like to share a lesson which I have learned from a homeless woman.



One day, in the afternoon, I went to a café, which is famous for cheesecake, in downtown with my friends. It was a very beautiful day, so we chose a table on the patio and enjoyed our time over a cup of coffee with delicious cheesecakes. We were an Italian, Moroccan, Brazilian and I, Japanese, and we enjoyed chatting a lot. At that time, a homeless woman came close to us and said; “Change please…” with a weak soft voice. I was a little bit scared, but my Italian friend gave her change without any hesitation. “Thank you sir…” she whispered. I thought she would leave us soon, but she was still looking for something around us. And suddenly she shouted,“○×○×○×○×!!!!!” and left us. My mind became blank, but my friends were laughing a lot somehow. I thought that since she had left, I was safe. Well, I wanted to enjoy my cake again. But…I could not, unfortunately. “She shouted TOO LATE and took your took your cake, hahaha” my Brazilian friend told me the sad truth while laughing a lot.



「○×○×○×○×!!!!!」と急に怒鳴り、その場をザッと離れていきました。私は呆然、友達はなぜか爆笑。よくわからないけどもういなくなったし、気を取り直してチーズケーキを食べようと思ったら…「あれっ?無い。」すかさずブラジル人の友人、「She said “TOO LATE!!”and took your cake!!!」

O H . . .   I   S E E.

な  る  ほ  ど  ― …


A lesson I have learned from this experience is “One MUST finish eating their food before it gets stolen.”All in all, it may be a happy ending because I could enjoy the cake even though it was only half, my friends could laugh a lot and we enjoyed discussing public security in each country and the homeless woman was satisfied. It could happen because we were in Vancouver, having countless homeless people. It is difficult to communicate with them and I am also still looking for better ways. Anyway, I recommend you to,“ finish eating your food before it gets stolen.” I hope you can enjoy your food from the beginning to the end safely;)