Do you need to see a doctor? Here are some vocabulary that you might use at a clinic!

Male doctor working on a futuristic touchscreen display

Make an appointment first.
Making an Appointment:
Claire: Hello, how may I help you?
Roy: I would like to make an appointment
Claire: What would you like to be seen for?
Roy: I need my annual physical and also I have a shoulder problem. It is aching.
Claire: Are you free on Monday or Tuesday?
Roy: I am free on Tuesday afternoon.
Claire: We will schedule you for next week Tuesday at 3pm.
harm somebody or yourself physically, especially in an accident, receive/suffer an injury
 He injured his finger when he was cutting the meat.
an injury to part of the body, especially one in which a hole is made in the skin
a wound caused by something sharp
 He had such a deep cut on his arm that he was taken to the hospital.
a blue, brown or purple mark on the skin after somebody has fallen
 He was covered in bruises at the end of the football match.
rub your skin with your nails, usually because it’s itching; a mark or a small cut or injury
made by scratching
 She had a long scratch on her arm when she came out of the rose garden.
illness caused by bacteria or a virus; the act or process of causing or getting a disease
 She almost died from a blood infection.
a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not healthy
 You don’t necessarily need a doctor with symptoms like a headache or sore throat.
 Depression can cause physical symptoms, too.
 fever
a medical condition in which someone has a temperature that is higher than
normal; a particular type of disease with high temperature
 Did you take aspirin to reduce the fever?
 Our daughter has been diagnosed with scarlet fever.
illness affecting the nose and/or throat, making you cough and/or sneeze
 I think I caught a cold on the ice rink yesterday.
 She can’t come to school, she’s in bed with a cold.
a very bad cold, an infectious disease with fever, pains and weakness
 Please don’t visit us this week, the whole family has the flu.
 If you’re not careful enough and you don’t take antibiotics, you may even die from
the flu.
discharge stomach contents through the mouth
 There must have been something wrong with the food as both
children vomited shortly after the meal.
a substance that you drink or swallow so as to cure an illness
 You look so pale. Haven’t you taken your medicine this morning?