The Richmond Night Market, very similar to Japanese festival markets.

The Richmond night market is actually, the largest night market in North America!

So come out to enjoy food from around the world, in one place!

Here are the details

The Night Market, is open from May 15 to Oct 12 2015

Fridays and Saturdays:  7PM- 12AM (midnight)

Sundays and Holidays 7PM 11AM (midnight)

Enjoy foods and drinks from 140 delicious vendors

See?!  Just like in Japan!


Look! The famous Night Market Tornado Potatos, You have to try!

tarnado potato

Try traditional foods from all over the world

Including; Delicious, Fresh and drinks !


 night market drinks

Delicate and colourful, Japanese foods!


Not only do they have foods and drinks but they also have clothing shops too

nightmarket cloth

Mariko’s Advice 🙂

First of all,  try all the foods you can and then compare them with you friends!

Next, you have to try to Tornado Potatos, they are my favourite!



金曜日~土曜日 19:00~24:00

日曜日~祝日  19:00~23:00

8351 River road

Bridgeport 駅で下車






tarnado potato