Nihon Fest 2016

This year’s Nihon Fest is here in Vancouver! (Well.. not exactly Vancouver,.. in Greater Vancouver.)

nihon fes

When: June 3rd-6th, 10am – 9pm

Where: 777 Columbia street New Westminster, BC (near New Westminster skytrain station)

You will find out just how cool Japan is.

As you know, Japan has a very old history and even more interestingculture, which include, manga, food, sumo and much more.

Nihon fest 2016 consists of 4 themes:

1. Anime, Manga


manga-Nihon fest 2016

picture of manga books for Nihon Fest 2016

The anime/manga community is steadily rising in Vancouver! With major comic con and other conventions, the anime and manga culture is growing!

2. Gaming

game-Nihon fest 2016

graphic of game consol

There is a game section, which has gaming battles.

Winners will receive special prizes!

3. Culture


View of the majestic mount Fuji in Japan-Nihon Fest 2016

View of the majestic mount Fuji in Japan

Nihon Fest showcases every beautiful aspect of the Japanese culture.


4. Car, motorcycle


It also has a showcase of import cars and motorcycles.


They will have a maid café, gaming section, and some performances.

You will feel like you are in Japan!


For more information, you can visit their Website or Facebook Page !

To purchase the ticket for the festival, visit Eventbrite.


Hope to see you guys there! 😀