【Opportunities to practice】

Do you want to improve your English? Go get this opportunity!




*Conversational English

Waves Café (Located at Howe St and Smith St). You can practice English for free, also you can meet many new friends from different countries.

ダウンタウンのWAVES CAFE(Howeストリート X Smith ストリートの角)でやっている英会話クラブ。英語を習得したいと思っている人の為の無料のイベントです。色々な国の方々が参加するので、沢山の人に出会える機会でもあり、完全に英語環境なので英語を上達させる最高な機会です。

This club is for anyone who wants to learn or wants to help people learn English and learn about Canadian culture. This group is a casual and fun way to practice English and to build confidence. It’s also good for socializing, making friends, learning about and exploring the city.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ConversationalEnglishVancouver

Website: http://www.conversationalenglishclub.com



Unfortunately, boys are NOT allowed to ask girls for their contact information. Boys ARE allowed to invite girls to do things with them but if a girl says, “NO” to an invitation, the boy MUST accept “NO” for an answer IMMEDIATELY. If a girl says “YES” to an invitation, the boy may offer his PHONE NUMBER. There are staff members there so you do not have to be worried or nervous to join!




Conversation clubのスタッフもいて監視しているので、安心して参加できます。