Meet Our Team

Clay Jung, Director
Thank you for using Enjoy Canada agency. We’ve been operating for more than 20 years and have branch offices in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary in Canada and 13 offices in Korea, partner offices in Japan & Brazil.

We always strive to help our student to adapt new environment in Canada and focus on studying in English. We provide information about schools in Canada as well as Visa including Study Permit, Work Permit & Permanent Residence Visa. We also hold outdoor activities and events for our students.

Contact us if you are interested in coming to Canada & exploring a brighter future ahead of you!

Clay Jung, Director
Years of experience: since 2001
Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic, Undergraduate programs over the country. Over 10 years of experiences in an education agency makes him more precise and competent advisor.

Jeeyoung Jang, CFO
Jeeyoung Jang,
CFO/Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Verify Status with ICCRC

Years of experience: since 2002

Expertise: Overall information about Canadian education system, Visa consultation. More than 5,000 cases on temporary resident visa/PNP/Work permit. She is a detail-oriented person and always strives to meet your need. Contact her if you have any visa issues.

Brian Kang, Office Manager
Brian Kang, Office Manager

Years of experience: since 2003

Expertise: Consultation on Primary, Secondary, Post-secondary (ESL, Vocational training, Academic, Undergraduate programs) over the country. He is specialized in a Canadian education system from primary to all levels – primary to post-secondary-.

Akiko M., Int’L Marketing Manager

Years of experience: since 2007

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic, Undergraduate programs.

みなさんこんにちは!Enjoy Canadaには語学留学以外にも観光目的の方、中学生、高校生の為のSummer Campご利用の方、カナダで社会経験を積みたい方、移民したい方など様々な目的の方がいらっしゃいます。そんなそれぞれの夢を叶える為に私達がいます。カナダに留学オフィスをかまえているので普段から最新の学校情報、ビザ情報、仕事情報を常に把握しております。無駄なく的確なアドバイスが出来るように心がけているのでいつでもご連絡ください。


Hee J.
Hee J., Executive Assistant

With our company: since 2001

Expertise: She’s been working at our company in many different departments. She studied in Web development & Interactive Design at VanArts. With the knowledge learned from school, she is working on design part and also working at financial department in our company supporting other staff.

Luciana S., South American Market Supervisor. 

Optimistic & very organized woman with big smile! She can help you to find the best way to move abroad, improve English and find the best school that relates to your specific field.

Mariko N., Japanese Market Supervisor

She came to Canada in 2013 and studied English at VIC and Global College and currently, she’s been studying Hospitality management at a college in Vancouver. Vancouver has many opportunities for international students who want to challenge their careers or to study something new. She enjoys updating student with useful info such as events and school programs in Vancouver. Feel free to contact her to explore Vancouver & study abroad!


Thais C., Social Media Marketing Coordinator

She is in charge of our marketing on Social media! If you want to know about our events or promotions, don’t forget to check our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram! 😀

Rachel-Korean Marketer at Enjoy Canada
Rachel Y., Korean Marketer

She is our new Korean marketer! If you are looking for a new school to study English and more, you can contact her! 😀

Yusuke-Japanese marketer at Enjoy Canada
Yusuke N., Japanese Marketer

He is our new staff at Enjoy Canada! He is in charge of Japanese market.

Luiz Felipe D., Homestay Coordinator

He is originally from Brazil and joined our company early 2018! If you need help with finding a good homestay, do not hesitate to contact him!

Emma K., Visa Assistant

She is assisting Jeeyoung with visa applications. She is from Korea and is very fluent in Japanese as well!

Patricia B., Visa Assistant

She is our new staff at Enjoy Canada! She is assisting Jeeyoung with visa applications.

Allen H., Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Verify Status with ICCRC

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic program, fluent in Japanese
Came to Canada in 2005. He graduated from Sprott-Shaw College in Hotel management. He has huge passion in education industry. He is familiar with all Canada education system, providing professional consultation service to student with ESL, high school, college and university info.happy to help student to find suited school that relate to their major and to improve their English fast.

Jerry O., Mexican Marketer

Desde 2007 ofrece consultoría a estudiantes y negocios mexicanos y latinos que desean venir a Canada a estudiar inglés, una especialidad o establecer un nuevo negocio.

Su experiencia y servicio personalizado le ayudará a encontrar la mejor oportunidad de acuerdo con sus planes y necesidades en Canada.

Since 2007 he offers consulting to Mexican and Latino students and businesses who want to come to Canada to study English, a specialty or establish a new business.
His experience and personalized service will help you to find the best opportunity according to your plans and needs in Canada.

– Cel México city: +55 85 36 24 50
– Toronto phone number: +1+647 287 32 69

Masaru S., Japanese Marketer

Yoon, Korean Marketer / Graphic designer

Bella C., Taiwanese Marketer

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic program, Social media marketing

Currently resides in Taiwan. She is well known for her devoted support. She has been in Canada as a student so she can provide useful tips for living in Canada from her experience.

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Business partners

Kety M., Brazil Representative-North

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic program

Trabalho há 10 anos com intercâmbio cultural e também sou uma eterna intercambista! Meu principal hobbie é desbravar esse mundão e estou sempre pensando no próximo destino para passar as férias! Amo conhecer pessoas e lugares diferentes, por isso adoro ajudar pessoas a realizar o sonho de viver uma experiência no exterior!

Wildenio S., Brazil Representative-NorthEast

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic program

mexican marketer at Kim Okran ISC
Israel G., Spanish Marketer. 

Hola a todos me llamo Israel. Soy de la ciudad de México. Me considero una persona extrovertida, simple y honesta. Comparto un vínculo muy especial con todos mis amigos y familia. Disfruto conocer gente de diferentes culturas y nacionalidades. Me gusta mucho lo que hago y he pasado los últimos cuatro años ayudando a estudiantes latinos a estudiar en el extranjero. Si puedo apoyarte en algo lo haré con gusto.

Puedes llamarme cuando quieras !

Gratis desde Mexico 01 800 681 1807

Si estas en Canada  778.883.6346

Barry S., Iran/UAE Representative.

He is a very energetic, enthusiastic, attentive to details and successful international business partner handling Iranian and Emirates markets. He always strives to assist our clients with best of client’s interest. If you have any questions about Canada, he is the right person to ask!

WhatsApp: +1 (604) 240-2308

Pedro B., Brazilian Marketer

Expertise: Consultation on ESL, Vocational training, Academic program
Enthusiastic team player always welcomes you and strives to figure out how to help you. He loves living lift outdoors. To explore around searching for breath-taking views and intense hikes to mountain summits makes him feel even more alive, and that’s Vancouver was his choice for a first experience abroad.
Surrounded by mountains and wildlife, Vancouver has a healthy environment combined with an adventurous spirit.

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