When you go for grocery shopping, where do you go? Here is a list of grocery stores in Vancouver!

海外での買い物、、、特に初めてバンクーバーに来た方はどこに行けばいいか分からない方がほとんどだと思います。今日はバンクーバーにある人気・有名なGrocery storeをご紹介します♪


1, Whole Foods Market $$$

Premium grocery store with lots of options for dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free). Highly recommended for health-conscious people.


2, T & T Supermarket 大統華超級市場 $$

The most popular Chinese grocery store in Vancouver. They have many kinds of Asian food/spice/ingredient/cosmetic/snacks…etc. You can find everything in there!


3, Real Canadian Superstore $

The HUGE supermarket that has everything you need including electronics, clothes, cookware and even seasonal furniture all at reasonable prices

4, H-Mart $$

One of the largest grocery store chains in Korea town with one of the best Asian food courts in town, and therefore quite popular with our local ESL (English as a second language) folks. It has a great quality meats and produce. A great place to stock up on Asian ingredients at affordable prices