Question: I was a Registered, professional nurse in my country, but now I live here in Canada. What can I do to work as a nurse in Canada?

Typically, Canada is fairly strict. It usually does not accept graduates from foreign nursing

schools, or allow foreign nurses to work at hospitals in Canada. Therefore, you will have to go

back to school, and graduate from Canadian university or college nursing program to work as a

nurse in British Columbia.

So what is the fastest way to get back to work?

If you already have a BA from a well established university in your country, and were a practicing,

professional Registered Nurse (or equivalent) at a professional hospital or nursing clinic in your

country, you have the option of going back to school in Vancouver.

You will do this to prepare for the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination. If you pass the

Registered Nurse Examination, you could be allowed to work as a nurse in Canada!

We recommend the Canadian RN Examination prep course at MTI Community College!

In addition to preparing you for the Canadian RN Examination, 8 out of 10 graduates find jobs. In

fact, many practicing nurses in clinic and hospitals around Vancouver have graduated from the

MTI Canadian RN Examination preparation course. Please contact Kim Okran for details!


Early Childhood Education at MTI

If you like working with, and educating young children, MTI also has a popular Early Childhood

Education course. The EC course is offered in all MTI Campuses and has a high employment

rate. In fact, it is so popular they have open new classrooms for enrolees each year! You might

want to consider, the 1­year General EC Course or the 2­year special needs course; this course

focuses on educating and helping Infants, Toddlers and Children with Special Needs.


Would you like to know more about MTI; and the Nursing or Early Childhood Education Courses?

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