“Hmm I feel like going out…somewhere close from here…museums? Are there any museum with a reasonable admission fee and is interesting??”

I found the Vancouver Police Museum! I could enjoy visiting, even though I could not read all the explanations because of my poor English skills at that time, because it has lots of visually interesting exhibits. I am thinking about visiting there again!


「どこか出かけたいなあ、でも近場がいいなあ、美術館とか博物館?入場料があまり高くなくて何か変わった博物館はないかなぁ…」ということで行ってみたのがVancouver Police Museum。当時はまだまだ英語力が不十分で、展示の説明文を読みきることができなかったのですが、ビジュアルインパクトのある展示物がたくさんあったので十分楽しむことができました。もう一度行きたい博物館です。

(Photo from https://vancouverpolicemuseum.ca )


First of all, let me tell you one thing. The location of Vancouver Police Museum is a little bit dangerous. So I recommend you to visit there during the day and with your friends, not alone. Please do not use the route from Stadium-Chinatown and please avoid passing through E Hastings Street. You can walk there from Gastown.

The Vancouver Police Museum was established in 1986 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Vancouver Police. It is the oldest Police museum in North America! You can find various items and rooms used to use in practice such as uniforms, weapons, seized articles, an autopsy facility and you can know and feel the history from them. We may be able to say these things used to be used until very recently because only 133 years has passed since the Vancouver Police was organized!


※まず最初にお伝えしておきたいのが、Vancouver Police Museumはおもしろいのですが少し治安の悪い地域にあるということ。念のため明るい日中の間、お友達と一緒に行くことをおすすめします。Stadium –Chinatownからではなく、Gastownの方からE Hasting Street を避けて行ってみてくださいね。

VancouverPoliceMuseumはVancouverPolice 100周年を記念して1986年に設立された、北米最古の警察博物館です。歴代の制服や武器、押収物、検死解剖室など、実際に昔使われていたものや空間がそのまま残されていて、歴史をリアルに感じることができます。昔といってもVancouver Policeが設立されたのは1886年でまだ133年しか経っていないので、「つい最近まで実際に使われていた」という方が適切かもしれませんね。

(Photo from https://imgur.com/gallery/JpDJ6/comment/989400829)


The first exhibit I saw were various guns, often seen in TV dramas or movies.  They are not so familiar for Japanese people, aren’t they? There are various guns and a poster which a guy tries to shoot on the walls, and I remember that I was feeling fear from them even though I knew they do not work actively. After that, you will find many kinds of seized weapons or drugs… and guess what, what do you think you can find among those weapons? A shuriken!!! I was astonished that shurikens used to be used as weapons for criminals in the past, of course I am still doubting it, though. Anyway what is interesting is the weapons are diverse maybe because of Vancouver’s diversity.


(Photo from https://www.canadianaffair.com/blog/10-uncommon-canadian-adventures/ )


In addition, I do not want you to miss this precious experience. Please enter in the autopsy facility! It is hard to put into words, but I think you will feel something from the room. I highly recommend it to you, but if you hate or feel so bad by samples of real human’s organs, you should pass through the room.



There are many contents as well, like an isolation cell, records of real criminal cases including real evidence, unsolved murder mysteries, and an introduction of Vancouver Police force. I suppose you may not get bored even if you visit there many times because usually temporarily exhibitions are also held. (I could learn the history of Chinese and Japanese immigrants and the discrimination with some documents.)

Lastly, the admission fee is only $12 for an adult! So you can get precious experience without spending much money!

もちろんこの他にもVancouver Police Museumには独房や実際に起きた過去の事件の証拠品を含めた紹介、未解決事件の紹介、特殊部隊の紹介など見所がたくさんあります。期間限定の展示も都度開催されているので、期間を空けて何度か行ってみてもいいかもしれません。(私が行った時は中国人と日本人の移民の歴史や、差別の歴史の資料の展示も見ることができました。)大人一人$12、お手頃に珍しい体験をしたい人におすすめの博物館です!