Regent Christian Academy
Regent Christian Academy is famous for the close attention to their students& development and
excellent moral and academic education. The school accepts international students from Kindergarten
to Grade 12.
Just few schools in Greater Vancouver have this advantage. The students develop their
english skills through monthly activities, ESL support and Educational counselling.
The school provides Integrated program from Kindergarten to Grade 7 to immerse the students in the
regular classes and academic activities right after they arrive in Canada. English as a Second Language
Program helps the student from Grade 8 and up to adapt to the english language before they get
immerse in the actual classes of Geography, Math, History, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Education Camps
and Short Term Programs are also available for international students to integrate them with new and
current students through summer or winter activities combined with english classes. The short term
students are also accepted from Kindergarten to Grade 7 with limited spots.
The students can also have the support from the school to find homestay families and other type of
accommodation. The best time to apply for the school is in the spring semester around March / April to
start the school year in September. However, it is possible to accept students throughout the year,
depending on each student case.