【Vancouver 治安】





As you might already know, Canada is always ranked as one of “the best countries to live in” and known as a safe country. There are warm-hearted and friendly people, always “things” to do and beautiful nature. However, there are some areas where I cannot recommend you to go.


①Chinatown (Hastings St.)


お昼の時間帯は観光客で賑わっており問題ありませんが、夜に歩くのは避けるべき場所です。また、チャイナタウンの北の方のHastings Stは特に、ホームレスの方が集まっているので要注意です。


There are lots of tourists when the sun is still out, so you do not have to worry but you should avoid walking around there at night especially Hastings St. There are so many homeless and alcohol/drug addicted people.




②Granville Street


Nightclubs and adult stores are located in this area, and there are also some homeless people, and I often see drunk people around there. It is not as dangerous as Hastings st, but I would not recommend to walk alone there at night.




Vancouver is such a safe city, but you should be aware of those areas to protect yourselfJ