Don’t Feed Thieves! Some Safety Tips for Vancouver 


You should be careful in Vancouver! Here are some tips on how to prevent getting

involved in something!

Canada is basically a safe country, but you do have to be careful with your luggage,

homeless people and pick pockets.

Here is a list of places where your luggage could be stolen:

The Hotel

● The Airport

● The Library

● At a Restaurant

Tips for keeping your belongings safe while traveling

1. Always keep valuables with you


Always keep your most valuables items, like: your camera, laptop, or anything

else you don’t want stolen with you. Don’t put them under a table, on a seat on

the bus or give them to a taxi driver or a van driver. Keep your most valuable

things in your pocket, with you!

2. Don’t bring a lot of cash with you


Bringing cash is more dangerous than using a credit card. If your credit card is

stolen, you can suspend it – stopping thieves from using your money!

Vancouver is a good place to travel and study, and it is generally pretty safe. But

be sure to pay attention to your surroundings, and be aware of the people around