iTTTi is a unique English school that specializes in English fluency. The programs are designed to effectively help students improve their English fluency especially for those students who are staying for a short period of time. It iTTTi is an excellent option to improve on communication and speaking skills.

What's New

12 week program: pay for 11 weeks get 1 week free.

16 week program: pay for 14 weeks get 2 week free.

24 week program: pay for 21 weeks get 3 week free.

28 week program: pay for 24 weeks get 4 week free.

33 week program: pay for 28 weeks get 5 week free.

48 week program: pay for 42 weeks get 6 week free.

Key Point

  • 5 Courses dedicated to English fluency


  • Partnerships with Sprott Shaw and Brighton college for further learning


  • IELTS / FCE / TOEFL preparation


  • Speaking Clinic
  • Speaking Master
  • Interview Master
  • International Business English
  • Hospitality
  • English for engineers
  • Marketing
  • Pathways

School Overview


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605 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3


Telephone number

(604) 681-5550

School Map

605 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5J3, Canada, 49.2809584, -123.11893309999999