Art institute of Vancouver

Art institute of Vancouver


Being one of the biggest arts schools in Canada, Ai is one of the best places to practice any creative art like film or game developing. Ai also provides top notch equipment for students along with complete and professional programs to help students get involved with the industry as soon as they start.

What's New

Brand new game programming courses / BA

Key Point

  • High interaction with the industry


  • Modern facilities


  • Experience oriented


  • Bachelor of science (game programming)
  • Bachelor of applied design (Graphic, interior design)
  • Culinary arts advanced diploma
  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Acting
  • Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • Digital Photo

School Overview

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2665 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 0A7



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2665 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 0A7, Canada, 49.2600721, -123.04497839999999