The students at English Centre have the opportunity to do part of their studies in Vancouver and in Toronto as the school have campus in those locations. They are one of the schools that have many pathway agreements and prepare the students for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge tests. They have a great nationality mix and a big number of students in the school to making many friends and go for outside activities as a group.

What's New

Key Point

  1. Large list of pathway agreement with Colleges throughout Canada
  2. 2 Campus in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and many others in different countries
  3. Technology focused. Smart boards and modern computer labs at school
  4. Great mix of nationality and high number of students in the school to gathering for outside activities and friendship building.
  5. Intensive study schedule
  6. Business english course




  • English for Experience & Life
    • General & Intensive English
    • English in the City
    • One-to-One
  • English for Education & Exams
    • Academic Semester/Year
    • Academic English
    • IELTS – Higher Score Canada
    • TOEFL – Higher Score Canada
    • TOEIC – Higher Score Canada
    • Cambridge Exam Preparation
  • English for Career Success
    • English for Work
  • Summer Camp














School Overview

Nationality mix

Brazil 18%
Switzerland 15%
Colombia 4%
Germany 4%
Italy 2%
Japan 9%
Korea 19%
Mexico 4%
Saudi Arabia 7%
Taiwan 5%
Other 14%


570 Dunsmuir St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y1




School Map

570 Dunsmuir St #200, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Y1, 49.28057240543819, -123.1324052810669