Five selections of seasonal ingredients in BC  to eat in the summer


BC is blessed with fresh local food and you can enjoy different “foods” depending on the season. I’ll introduce five foods popular among local citizens.


  • Spot Prawn

Spot Prawn is the biggest shrimp among the seven prawns inhabiting the west coast. You can have fresh prawns daily.










  • Salmon

Salmon of BC is famous worldwide. Local people eat Salmon all year long but especially in the summer. Grilled salmon is a classic menu of barbecues. The Salmon season begins with a community festival.







  • Strawberry

In some areas of BC, a strawberry harvest means the beginning of summer. The time of harvest will depend on weather and precipitation. Harvested strawberries are sold at the Farmers’ Market and grocery stores all over.








  • Peach

The Okanagan region is known as a famous place of fruit, and some areas are dotted with orchards growing peaches. The time of harvesting will change depending on location and weather.








  • Blackberry

Blackberry are grown everywhere in BC. You may also find it in urban areas such as parks and alleys in Vancouver. Let’s go to the local farmers’ market if we want to eat freshly picked blackberries.












  • ボタン海老



  • 紅鮭









  • ブラックベリー