It’s a time to greet to your family, friends, and or partners, who are in Japan!


Although, it is not common among the younger generation to send letters nowadays, it is a good opportunity to try when you go abroad or travel.


Let me explain how to send a letter to Japan!!!


*Write down both the address and name of the person you are sending it to on the envelope or directly on postcards”

*Pay $2-$3 to get a postage stamp (from Canada Post)

*Send it to the person at the post office or drop it off in a mail drop off bin.



Moreover, you can get very cute and SPECIAL postage stamps when you send a letter!!


In Canada, there are not only plenty kind of stamps with images such as maple leafs, animals, landscape and so on. But also we are able to buy fancy postcards with lovely pictures on the front.

It is just a few bucks!!! Let’s send a letter to Japan as well as New Year’s Cards⭐️