Sephora is one of the biggest makeup shops in the world. Many people shop at Sephora, but do you know the secret tips to shop at Sephora more efficiently?


  • Birthday Gift

If you register for a free membership at Sephora, you can get a very nice birthday present on your birth month without purchasing anything. The value of the gift is around $30.  Every year the present is different and this year, you can choose a skin care set or a lip makeup set from the famous brand.



  • Make up lesson from professionals

Did you know you can get a free make up session, from professionals, for 45 minutes if you buy over $50 after the lesson? This is a great opportunity to get professional makeup and tips on how to use them.  You can learn what suits your skin, too. You can book the appointment via online.



  • Mini sized products with a cheaper price

Have you ever experienced times when you couldn’t finish your makeup products and let them expire? Around the cashiers at Sephora, there is a mini sized products area. They sell items that are cheaper than the original size. It is good for people who cannot finish or who want to try something for the first time.