Let’s go out with sky train

While staying in Vancouver, you can travel very cheap by using the Skytrain and you can peek at the daily lives of Vancouver citizens.

The name is Skytrain (SKYTRAIN), but in the downtown it runs mainly underground like a subway, then runs outdoors while looking at the sky, like the name suggests, and continues to run mostly elevated mainly after going out to the suburbs. Because it is automatic by computer control, the scenery spreads in front of the eyes when riding in the front of the vehicle, it gives you a feeling of being in the driver seat, please try by all means.

Translink fee is divided into three zones and it depends on whether you move across that zone. Within 90 minutes, you can get on and off the Skytrain, Sea Bus, and City Bus as much as you like. Since the zone system disappears after 6:30 pm on weekdays, on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, it is the amount of 1 zone no matter how far you decide to go. Discount rates are also available for those 5 to 13 years old, called Concession, and for those 65 years old and over.

The Skytrain has no schedule except for the first and last train hours and arrives and departs every 3 to 5 minutes during the day, so you can easily use it in various places including Metro Town, Richmond, Surrey Mall, etc. You can go.

















トランスリンクの料金は3つのゾーンに分かれていて、そのゾーンをまたいで移動するかによって変わります。90分以内でしたら、スカイトレイン、シーバス、市バスの乗り降りが可能です。平日の午後6時半以降、土日、祭日はゾーン制が無くなりますので、どこまで行っても1zoneの金額です。Concession と呼ばれ5才~13才、65才以上の方には割引料金もあります。