SPROTT SHAW COLLEGEのELSスクール。「英語をしっかり使って」「専門スキルを身につけたい」人にぴったりのスクールです。

SPROTT SHAW LANGUAGE COLLEGE is the ELS school of SPROTT SHAW COLLEGE. If you would like to build professional skills with your well-balanced English skills, which you will get in the near future, this school is the solution.  

Speaking、 Listening、 Reading、 Writing、の4技能の重要性を踏まえたバランスの良いカリキュラムとスキル毎のレベル設定で、苦手の克服と強みの強化を実現!必然的に英語の総合力が強化され、その後の専門分野の学習のための地盤をしっかり築くことができます。午前中、頭の冴えている時間帯にGrammar、Listening、Reading、Writing、ご飯を食べて眠くなる午後にスピーキングや発音指導など、だらける隙のない見事なタイムテーブルで、みっちり学習できるようになっています。

First of all, let’s improve your English skills. They can offer an amazing curriculum, which has a right balance of speaking, listening, reading and writing. You may have some weaknesses and care about them, but don’t worry about that. You can take each class based on your current level. (For example; Reading is level 4, Speaking is level 2.) With this curriculum, you can improve your weaknesses and intensify your strong points. After all, you will get excellent English skills which can be the basis of your next learning about careers or exams. They have a really good time table for those looking to maximize each day. There is no space neglected so you can focus on your learning all day with classes of Grammar, Listening, Reading, Writing, which are designated in the morning and Speaking and Pronunciation in the afternoon, that means right after having lunch. You can’t take a nap while discussing, can you?

ESLプログラムで英語力に自信をつけた後は、ビジネスや大学準備、IELTS対策コースなどで「身につけた英語力を使う・活かす」トレーニングを積んでいきます。人気が高いコースのひとつであるPower Speaking and Modern Media Program では、ビジネスシーンにも対応できる英語コミュニケーションスキル(Speaking, Listening, Writing, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Presentationなど)を強化することができます。細かいフィードバックを反映させながらプレゼンテーションの練習を繰り返すことで、スキルアップはもちろん、自分自身に自信を持つことができるという点も大きな魅力ではないでしょうか。

After that, you can practice using your developed English skills in practical ways in classes such as the Business course, Pathway course, and IELTS course. Especially in Power Speaking and Modern Media courses, you can greatly improve your English communication skills, such as Speaking, Listening, Writing, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Presenting which you can use in various situations such as for business. For example, you will get lots of opportunities to practice giving presentations, and after that your teacher will give you lots of useful feedback. It may sound simple, but by repeating this, you can develop your English communication skills, get used to using it and have confidence in yourself. It goes without saying that this course is super popular.

Check the movie of the result of the Power Speaking and Modern Media Program!

Power Speaking and Modern Media Program受講の生徒インタビュー

Progress Report – Cagla/Turkey –PMM  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk8HB2gwR8M)

冒頭で、「英語をしっかり使って」「専門スキルを身につけたい」人にぴったりとお伝えしました。ただ実際は「まだ何をしようか考え中、決められない!」という方もたくさんいらっしゃるかと思います。が、安心してください。日本人スタッフが丁寧にカウンセリングをしてサポートしてくれるので、「とにかく頑張って確実に成果を出したい!」という方はぜひSPROTT SHAW LANGUAGE COLLEGEに行ってみてくださいね!

I mentioned that if you would like to build professional skills with your well-balanced English skills, you will get to do so in the near future. This school is the solution. Actually, however, many students need to take time to think of which kind of professional skills they want to get. If so, please feel free to talk with Student Advisors. They will listen to you and support you in a friendly manner and give you helpful advice for your important decisions. I am sure that you can spend a fulfilling school life at SPROTT SHAW LANGUAGE COLLEGE. Enjoy!!