Sprott Shaw, the Life Changing College


Sprott Shaw is among the most prestigious post secondary institutions in Vancouver and

has made it’s way to the top as the oldest private college in the beautiful British Columbia.

No other school is as successful academically, or as much a responsible employer as Sprott

Shaw. Sprott Shaw’s mission is to guide it’s students, both domestic and international,

towards successful and meaningful careers.

During your studies at Sprott Shaw you will be part of a family and not just another person in

an institution. You will grow in a friendly and supportive culture. The staff will help you reach

your objectives and will continue to be there for you, even after graduation.

We have no doubt Sprott Shaw has indeed won a place among the best, and has proven to

be everything they claim to be. With over 100 career­oriented programs and 100 years of

experience in learning Sprott Shaw has exactly what you need. Don’t waste any more time

and find your new home in Sprott Shaw.