Here’s a list we’ve compiled on where to find Vancouver’s best dessert-only spots.



1 Nero Belgian waffle bar


You choose chewy waffle or crispy waffle.

My recommendation is Bresillienne waffle ( vanilla ice cream, crumbled Oreo cookies, whip cream, and chocolate syrup)


2 Cheesecake etc


Best cheesecake in Vancouver!

Cheese cake etc open only late time 7pm~1am.

Cheese cake with strawberry source is a house made and fresh!


3 theierry


theierry is the chocolate patisserie café.

Voted “Best Desserts” and “Best Pastries” in Vancouver!


4chico café


Parfait inspired by Japanese style cake.

Green tea parfait is the most poplar in chicoThe shop is quite small, so it’s hard to find seats if it’s during peak hours.

If the weather is nice, you could always go to a nearby park!