I think everyone knows that Vancouver is multinational and accepts multiculturalism.

And I think you know that there are lots of events in Vancouver as well.









Taiwanese festival will be held from September 1st to September 3rd in Vancouver!

Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival is a community cultural exchange festival. The festivities include a performance by famous artists from Taiwan, and other activities celebrating the cultures between Taiwan and Canada.

The annual event includes concerts and other live entertainment as well as lectures, films, cooking shows, visual arts exhibits, family-oriented activities and a giant parade along Granville St.







If you are interested in the event, why don’t you go??












タイワニーズフェスティバルは、コミュニティ文化交流フェスティバルです。 この祭りには、台湾の国際的に有名な台湾人アーティストによる演奏や、台湾とカナダの文化交流を祝う行事などがあります。


年間イベントでは、コンサートやその他のライブエンターテイメント、講演会、映画、料理のショー、視覚芸術の展示、家族向けの活動、Granville St.沿いで巨大なパレードが行われます。