Langara Collegeの魅力!

カナダで大学に行きたい! というとき、どうしますか? 大学に直接申し込みますか?


Would you apply for university if you want to study at one in Canada?

In this country, transferring from a2-year college to a4-year university halfway is a very popular choice.

今日は、BC州立の11カレッジの中からLangara Collegeをご紹介します。


Today we introduce Langara College( ), one of 11 public colleges in BC. (It is actually my alma mater.)

The reason why we recommend Langara College

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You may imagine that a college is kind of a small, but Langara College has approximately 21,000 students in total. 7000 students are from overseas and 900 of them are in ESL classes.

This is definitely the best college in British Columbia as 83% students successfully transferred to universities such as UBC or SFU.



Think of your first year in a university. Hundreds of students are packed in a huge class and you will never get personal attention from your professor. At Langara, students benefit from smaller class sizes and they get more personal attention from the professors. That is why Langara is the best way to transfer to a university.

Data suggests that students who transferred halfway from Langara to a 4-year university accomplished higher grades upon graduation than those who spent four years in university.


The reason why we recommend Langara College

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Cheaper tuitionmay also attract you. Langara’s tuition is cheaper than a 4-year university. It is one very important point when choosing a school because international students are charged higher tuition than Canadians and Canadian permanent residents.

ちなみに、もし授業を受けるだけの英語レベルに達していなければ、LEAP (Langara English for Academic Purposes)と呼ばれるESLクラスから始めることも可能となっています。

Not confident enough about your English skills? If it is not high enough to take classes, you can start with their intensive ESL program called LEAP (Langara English for Academic Purposes).

The reason why we recommend Langara College

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