These supermarkets will be essential for you!



After a comfortable life with your homestay family, let’s start living alone in a share house! At the same time, you may start cooking for yourself to save money. Then first of all, I guess you will ask yourself, “Which supermarket should I go to?” There are various kinds of supermarkets in Vancouver. Today I will introduce 2 supermarkets which you cannot miss!




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Where you should go first is the REAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE. I love this name! This is one of the biggest Canadian supermarkets. It has a huge space and various kinds of items at a reasonable price. You can get everything you need in your daily life such as foods, daily necessities, drugs, cosmetics, stationeries, furniture, clothes, toys and so on. Especially, for foods:

まず必ず抑えておきたいのがREAL CANADIAN SUPERSTORE。まず私はこの名前にときめきました。代表的なカナダの大型スーパーマーケットで、広くて商品の種類が豊富で安いというのが特徴です。商品は食料品から日用品、薬/化粧品、文房具、インテリア、衣類、おもちゃなど、生活で必要なものを一通り揃えられるようになっています。特に自炊組が気になる食料品に関して注目すると、


Vegetables: A wide variety of vegetables for a reasonable price, but I recommend you to check the quality and amount carefully. Seasonal fruits have very good deals!



Meat & Fish: Beef and Pork are good deals. Check the quality carefully, and it’s good to choose one having the latest expiration dates. (That means it is relatively fresh!) Not only with SUPERSTORE, Vancouver has less kinds of fish than Japan and their price is expensive.



Ice cream / Snacks: The North American size! Very big in size and they have lots of variety.



Seasonings/Processed goods: Cheap! I recommend buying in bulk because the price will be cheaper.



In addition, their private brands such as President’s Choice (good quality) and NO NAME (good price) are very nice and useful! And you can find a great variety of imported foods because of the diversity of Vancouver!

他にもPresident’s Choice(良質)、NO NAME(安い)といったプライベートブランド商品もおすすめです!また、移民の国というのもあって各国からの輸入食品もたくさんあります。



2.T&T Supermarket

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T&T is a Chinese supermarket. It has a lot of Asian items from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. The product lineup is different at each location, but you can find various vegetables at a good price. And you can enjoy some Asian bread or cakes in the bakery, and take out real Chinese dishes. They try to create a better image by providing a clean atmosphere, so T&T is popular among not only Asians, but also Canadians.



Vegetable: A wide variety of vegetables for a reasonable price, especially leafy vegetables. But I recommend you to check the quality and amount carefully.



Meat & Fish: Relatively cheap. Some of them are already cut into pieces for popular Chinese dishes and packed. Check the quality carefully, and it’s good to choose one having the latest expiration dates. (That means it is relatively fresh!)  It has more variety of seafood than SUPERSTORE.



Snacks: Various kinds of Asian snacks and of course including Japanese ones.



Rice: Recommend to check the price regularly, sometimes they have super good deals!



Personally, I love their fresh noodles made and sold in the Metropolis location! I highly recommend it!



These supermarkets will be a great source of food. Please use them effectively, save money and enjoy your life in Canada!