Things you should do first when you arrive in Canada.

~People who study and work in Canada~


  1. Make a bank account


You will definitely need a bank account when you work in Canada.

Most companies prefer direct deposit for payment rather than providing you with cash or cheques. If you intend to stay longer or immigrate to Canada, having a history with a bank is great when you need to open up credit cards or other accounts in the future!

Here is a list of banks


2.RBC Royal Bank of Canada


4.TD Canada Trust

  1. Get a picture ID

Provincial ID Ex: BCID, Driver’s license

Getting a BCID is fast, easy, convenient and recognized throughout Canada and the US as a government ID. It is the same size as a credit card so you can fit it in your wallet rather than carrying around your passport. Also, you shouldn’t carry around your passport all the time, you don’t want to lose it!


  1. Buy a cell phone or get a cell phone plan


You should consider getting a phone plan as a way for people to contact you. It’s very inconvenient to be without a cell phone. There are many different cell phone providers that allow you to use an unlocked phone with one of their great plans.

Here is the list of cellphone companies






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