It would be one whole day to see everything in Stanley Park. It is a good place to date with your partner or hanging out with your friends. Stanley Park is very big and the size is nominated in the top 10 in North America. I recommend cycling around Stanley Park. You can easily rent a bike in there. The weather in Vancouver is not humid, so it is very comfortable to spend. It is nice to feel the wind and enjoying the views.









During the cycling, you will see several totem poles. They are made by nations and become symbols in the Stanley Park. Those are inspiring from bear, flog, shark, and etc. It would be fun to guess what inspired each totem pole. You can learn the history of nations before people, immigrants Canada in Stanley Park.










There are also Vancouver Aquarium in the Stanley Park. The aquarium is very huge. You can observe many unique ecosystems that has developed is British Colombia. White dolphin is one of the protagonists in the aquarium.