There is a culture of paying tips in Canada. Tips are in addition to your meal, service costs to show gratitude. Often times, it is referred to as gratuity. Tipping is way for you tell your server that they did an excellent job; it is a way to show respect and appreciation.


Most often you will encounter tips at restaurants. In case of payment with credit or debit cards, after entering the PIN number on the card payment machine, you will see a screen saying, “Do you want to add a tip?”, “How much do you want to add?” Since you can choose between percentage and dollar here, entering “15%” or “5 dollars” is OK. If it is cash, put 15% more amount than the amount of the receipt on the tray or to the server. If you feel that the service was poor or if the food was not up to your standards, you may give a lower tip or none at all. Not giving tip is a bold statement that you did not enjoy any aspect of the meal.







In the case of a retail stores, there is no custom to pay tips (cloth shops, souvenir shops, convenience stores, etc.).

Beauty salon, salon, spa, taking a taxi, any place where you receive a service, you should pay a tip. Rather than hand it directly to the staff in charge, when paying at the cash register at the end, let’s pay by adding the tip to the total amount.







In the case of a taxi Tips for drivers and taxis are approximate 10 to 15%.

Do I have to pay for the tip? Even if the service is somewhat poor, it is etiquette to pay at least 10%.