Tipping manner in Canada.


In Asian they don’t have tipping manner, when I came here first time I was surprised Canada has tipping manner!

You might have same experience.


And I have no idea how mush should I give tip.

Here is the Memo how much you should give tip when you go to restaurant, take a cab and salon .

Tipping in Canada is much the same as it is in the U.S.

In most cases a tip ranges from between 15% and 20%.

Here is a guides on how to tip;

  • Cabs/Taxis: Anywhere between 10% ­ 20% of the fare.


  • Restaurant Tipping a Waiter: 15% ­ 20% of the before tax total is typical


  • Salon : a tip of 15% ­ 20% for hair stylists, beauticians, and masseurs is typical on top of the before­tax total.


Here are some numbers to follow, 10% = $1 for every $10, 15% = $1.50 for every $10

and 20% = $2 for every $10.

20% for excellent service,

15% for solid service

10% for bad service

On average people in Vancouver tip about 18%.