Tips on how to enjoy life here in Vancouver

  1. Join Free Events around town





Vancouver has a number of free events and fun things to do!

There are many festivals such as Italian Days, Greek Week, Brazilian Festivals, etc. all over town! Many offer free shows!

  1. Chill out at a cozy cafécozycafe

As you probably already know, people here in Vancouver love to go to cafés.

(Each block has a café in the down town area…)

Just wander around Vancouver and find your favorite café! Gastown has a lot of great cafes to explore. You can also check out the Cat Café at the International Village between Gastown and Chinatown. Enjoy a nice latte with a cat purring on your lap.


  1. Wine + Netflix = Relax time




Vancouver is known as “Rain-couver,” that’s right it sure rains here a lot!

So, what should you do on a rainy day? Why not stay home, relax and drink a bottle of wine while watching Netflix? Netflix is just $8 a month, and it has tons of TV shows and movies online! Escape into the magical world of cinema from the dreary weather!


Vancouver has so many great places to bike. You can enjoy amazing views too!

There are bike shops on Robson Street, Denman Street and all over down town Vancouver. Many offer great rates per hour so that you can take your time and cruise through the city or Stanley Park!