Let’s use, “Kuroneko Yamato” to lessen the amount of luggage we bring on the airplane as much as possible when you go back to Japan.

日本に帰国する人!! 荷物削減 クロネコヤマトを使おう!!



There are 3 sizes of cardboard boxes you can choose from,S ($60),M($85),L($110). You can fit as much as you can as long as they are within 25kg.

☆Food is up to 10 kg!





・It takes between 7 days-10 days(business days)by airmail

・Tracking of goods is possible on online

・Delivery time in Japan can be chosen



②パッキング (家又はオフィス)


① Choose a size and purchase cardboard box

② Pack the box (home or office)
③ fill in the slip





Make sure as there are some items that cannot be sent to Japan, also we must write down every single your stuff on the form and how much it costs.

Please double check below if the box is perfect!!!




You can purchase a cardboard box at Enjoy Canada and you can pack goods that you want to send and leave your packing at ENJOY CANADA. Then Kuroneko Yamato is going to pick it up!!


【Enjoy Canada】

Address: 614 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V8, Canada

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:00pm

Call: 604-893-8330

URL: enjoycanada.co