Tips on how to enjoy life here in Vancouver

1: Join Free Events around town

Vancouver has a number of free events and fun things to do! Such as a meet ups and the no pants Sky Train Ride “ (January 10)


2: Chill out at a cozy café


As you probably already know, people here in Vancouver love to go to a café

(Each block has a café in the down town area…)

Just wonder around Vancouver, and find a favorite café!? Gas town has a lot of great cafes to explore.

3 :Wine + Netflix = Relax time

Vancouver is known as “Rain-couver,” that’s right it sure rains here a lot!

So, what should you do on a rainy day ? Why don’t you stay home, relax a drink a bottle of wine while watching Netflix? Netflicks is just $8 a month, and it has tones of TV shows and movies online!



4 : Biking


Vancouver has so many great places to bike. You can enjoy amazing views too!

There are bike shops on Robson Street, Denman street and all over down town Vancouver