Today’s topic: International Insurance

You must have travel insurance before you study over-seas.

 What if you get sick? And what if you have to go to a medical clinic…


You will definitely have to pay a lot of money just to see a doctor !

 Here are the average prices, below:

  • $100 to see a doctor

  • $40 and more for medicine

So, it usually costs $140 or more to see the doctor I Canada!

But if you have insurance, then you don’t have to pay to see a doctor.

 I strongly recommend you use Manulife Insurance,



which a very largeand international medical insurance provider.

Manulife is one of the largest, and most famous insurance companies in north America.

Let me tell you about my experience, because I am so glad that I got insurance here in Canada.

After you read this you realize the importance of getting some for yourself.

 One day my foot was run over by a bus in Vancouver, and it was really swollen because of it.

I was not able to walk, and I went to the emergency room to have an X ray and CT scan.


If you do not have insurance, an X-ray about $400 and the CT scan is about $600.

But, because I had insurance I didn’t have to pay anything!

After my visit to the emergency room,

I just called to Manulife Insurance and, explained the situation to them. They paid for it all!

 Here is my point: before you go to a doctor, call Manulife first!

Then, you will get number and you will be ready to see a doctor without having to pay so much

money! If you are student I recommend to have term insurance. You can save money!


 If you want more information about possible insurance, please contact Mariko.