Try Skim boarding!

What exactly is Skim boarding?

Skim boarding has become an increasingly popular activity among beachgoers, water

and sports enthusiasts. Developed during the 1920s by lifeguards in Laguna Beach,

California, this sports can be performed in either a flatland or wave style. The former is done

on Inland water bodies, whereas the latter is done at the beach. While similar to surfing, skim boarders start off by running. They toss the board onto the water and skim across shallow portions of water.


Where you can skim board:

 Spanish Banks

 Jericho Beach

 Wreck Beach

 Third Beach in Stanley park

If you are going to try skim boarding you must check the tide before heading out. The tide needs to be out so that you have a flat surface to “skim” across. British-Columbia/tides/latest

Where you can buy a skim board?

Pacific border