Two Main Reasons Why I Love Vancouver!
There are tons of attractions in Vancouver. Here are two big reasons why I’m
attracted to Vancouver:
1, Vancouver is very welcoming
Multicultural society
Vancouver is a mix of different culture, religions, abilities and ethnicities from all over
the world and Canada’s Aboriginal communities, and people value this diversity and
accept the “differences”. Therefore, we can make friends from different countries.
A big part of Vancouver’s tremendously multi-cultural and multi-ethnic spirit comes
from Asia, so it makes me feel comfortable to live here. Just one of the many
benefits of this diversity is the incredibly varied foods available in both restaurants
and markets.
Vancouver is home to the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer
(LGBTQ) community in Western Canada.
2, Vancouver is in CANADA!
Great prime minister, great government, full of green and peace! Canada loves
immigrants, gaining tremendously from their influx, and Vancouver doesn’t just
have the benefits of Asian cultures, but most other ethnicities as well, and they
pretty much just all get along, eating each others food and admiring each others
religious edifices while working together to make a living and to weave the civic fabric.