Vancouver craft beer week

The Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival is the premier event during the week of craft beer-related events. It’s a two-day outdoor festival at the PNE that features over 100 North American craft beer breweries and more than 300 craft beers and ciders.

In 2019 the festival is on the weekend of June 8-9. Each year it runs from around 2 until 7 pm on Saturday and from noon until 5 pm on Sunday.

【Admission and Times】

In 2019 admission to the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival at the PNE will cost about $48 (including a $6.30 online convenience fee plus taxes)


Once inside, participants buy additional beer coupon chips at about $2 each which entitles them to 4 oz. samples of their choosing.


【2019 Ticket Prices & What’s Included】

Ticket prices in 2019 are the following:

●SINGLE DAY (Plus Fees + taxes)

Early Bird – $35

Regular Price – $39

VIP Pass – $85 (limited)

WEEKEND PASSES (Plus Fees + taxes)


●2 Days

Early Bird – $55

Regular Price – $65

VIP Pass – $140 (limited)


All tickets are subject to online service fees of between about $5 and $10 plus taxes.



バンクーバークラフトビールウィークフェスティバルは、クラフトビール関連イベントで最高峰のイベントです。 PNEで開催される2日間の屋外フェスティバルでは、100を超える北米のクラフトビール醸造所と300以上のクラフトビールとサイダーが用意されます。









アーリーバード –  35ドル

通常価格 –  39ドル

VIPパス –  85ドル(制限付き)




アーリーバード –  55ドル

通常価格 –  65ドル

VIPパス –  140ドル(制限付き)